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AV Spring has a great experience in wide range of audio and visual solutions. Our colleagues have more than 10 years of experience on this field. We can provide a complex service to our clients like consultation, planning, design, project management, integration and of course installation. In addition, AV Spring has a dedicated team for after sales services thus high-level support services are also available for our partners, like:

  • Maintenance

  • Warranty extension

  • Replacement part/device service

  • Onsite support

  • Consultation


Our rental division is ready to organize the entire audio and visual background of events, can it be a sport competition, outdoor or indoor company events or television shows or anything else.

International presence

However, our main offices are in Hungary, we are active in the whole European region. Besides our ability to make huge AV projects, our AV partner network ensures that our clients will have high-level after sales services as well.



Our experience

  • Conference Centres

  • Boardrooms

  • Conference Rooms

  • Videoconference Rooms

  • Executive Offices

  • Auditoriums

  • Classrooms

  • Training Rooms

  • Demo rooms/exhibition centre

  • Digital Signage

  • TV Studios

  • Sport facilities



Main solutions


With our experts, we are ready to provide tailor-made solutions both for the interior design and for the AV system of our partners:

  • Visualization

  • Interactive solution

  • Audio system

  • Room Control

  • AV signal distribution

  • Videoconferencing

  • Special design ceiling

  • Integrated lighting

  • Special acoustic & design wall covers

  • Streaming solution

  • Digital Signage

  • Indoor / outdoor kiosk

  • Meeting room table and furniture with unique design




Keeping up with the rapid improvement of audio visual technologies is always a huge adventure. The continuous advancements of this field can make our life a lot easier if handled correctly by professionals. Main services of AVS are:

  • Engineering

  • Consultation

  • Project management

  • Planning & Design

  • Programming

  • Manufacturing

  • High-level support and maintenance services

  • Rental services

  • Event solutions


Installation Projects



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